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Produk / Jasa Utama

    Oil & Gas Extraction
    includes Oil, Gas drilling field services and transport.

    Oil & Gas Refining
    includes oils, Gas, Lubrications, Paving mixtures, Asphalt coatings and products of coal.

    includes manufacturing & repairing of ships, tankers and barges.

    Mining (All types)
    includes all Metal Ore and Coal Mining and services

    includes all crops, livestock and agriculture services and production.

    includes the manufacture of all vehicles (except Aircraft, Railroad and Ship Building).

    Cement and Related
    includes cement and concrete products, i.e. hydraulic, structural, block, brick and ready mixed.

    includes General, Commercial and Residential Contractors, i.e. Highway & Dam, etc.

    Ferrous Metal Production
    includes all Primary ferrous metal Industries, i.e. Foundries, Smelting, Casting, Rolling, Drawing Extrusion and Forging (except Metal Foundation)

    Glass and Ceramic
    includes flat, blown optical and glassware manufacturing and supplies, tableware and porcelain related products.

    Includes all forestry and timber activities, Logging, Millworks, Lumber and wood products.

    Non-Ferrous Metal Production
    includes all Primary Non-Ferrous Metal industries, i.e. Foundries, Smelting, Casting, Rolling, Drawing Extrusion and Forging (except Metal Fabrication)

    Pulp and Paper
    includes pulp and paper mills, pulp products and finishes paper products.

    both beet and cane to include production, refining, packaging and distribution.

    all railroad equipment manufacturing, servicing and railroad operation either public or private.
    all trucking and bus operations either public or private

    army, navy, air force and civil defense.

    General Engineering
    all repair shops and contractor for O.E.M. or parts owner.

    Power Generation
    Titanium tubes and joining appplications
    Boiler tubes coating and Supplies
    Land Base Turbine Overhaul & Repair

    Aircraft Engine Overhaul & Repair

    Medical Engineering
    Dental Blanks and W(MO)-Foils
    Tool Making



    Chemical Processing
    product category of

    Corrosion Treatment & Prevention
    Cleaner / Stripper / Degreaser
    Electrical & Mechanical Maintenance
    Specialty Lubricants
    Drain & Sewage Maintenance, Air-conditioning Maintenance
    - Water Treatment
    - Environmental & Pollution Control
    - Housekeeping
    - Personal Hygiene
    - Pest Control Chemicals
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